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Mind the Agile Gap

In case you hadn’t noticed, agile is everywhere now. Companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing the agile way. Iterative development, emergent design, time-boxed delivery and self-organised teams are no longer just the buzzwords of software houses and the startup world. Large enterprises also want a slice of the agile pie. Who wouldn’t want faster delivery, higher… Read More »

Why Developers Should Be Investors

Learning a new skill is a great investment, especially when you work as a developer. When you learn a new technology you create an asset that can be sold to employers or clients. But this doesn’t mean you should learn as many technologies as you can. Technology skills vary in their value depending on market supply and demand.… Read More »

Successful Developers Grasp the Bottom Line

Technical skills are overrated in software development. I’m not saying that technical skills are unnecessary (that would be silly). But companies that focus purely on technical prowess when recruiting are setting themselves up to fail. Why? Because it’s better to hire for attitude and train for skills than vice versa. Technical tests don’t assess: Motivation to learn new… Read More »